Groff examples repository

Last-Updated: 2023-05-17

This is a compilation of groff examples shared on the mailing list or detailed in the different man pages. This is aimed to be a collection of hacks and full documents edited with Groff.

If you want to learn to use groff, see the following book (from the UTP revival project) or the official documentation linked lower down the page.


Page modifications

Text operations

Drawing diagrams, graphics, etc.

Table operations

Bibliography tools

Advanced operations

Documents edited with groff

Official documentation

You can find the official documentation in the Groff Info manual with `info groff` or at the following link:

If you prefer man pages, the main ones − 52 of them − have been compiled in the following document, courtesy of Deri James.

The following subset are especially interesting to any new user of groff:

For advanced topics, if you use a UNIX-like operating system, chances are your groff install came with documentation in one of the following directories:

Official project pages

Linked below, you can find the project page of groff, of mandoc and of mdoc.


If you think a macro should be in this list, if you found a mistake or care to give some feedback, send me an email: thomas AT dupond DOT eu.

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