Business graphs with busgrap

Last-Updated: 2023-05-16


The busgrap software

The busgrap software written by Deri is a perl script to create line, bar and pie charts. It was shared on the groff mailing list (2022-04/msg00016) in a tar archive (busgrap.tgz).

This software can create detailed, coloured graphs and even pie charts with 3D effects. It only uses groff's inbuilt drawing commands, so the graphs are vector graphics (2015-05/msg00020).

How to use the software

The script is used like any other preprocessor:

./ | groff [options] -Tpdf > result.pdf

Deri wrote the two following documents for documentation. They are included in the tar archive, and are mirrored here for easy consultation:

busgrap uses temporary files by default saved in /tmp, you can change this by modifying

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