Presentations with Groff and AcroRead



The following is an excerpt from the author's website, Bob Diertens (diertens/gpresent):

gpresent is intended for making presentations with the text processing and formatting software package groff (GNU Troff). It consists of a macro package present.tmac for use with groff and a post-processor presentps for manipulation of the PostScript output of groff. The result has to be converted to PDF (Portable Document Format) after which it can be presented with the use of AcroRead (diertens/gpresent).

How to process a presentation:

% groff -mm -mpresent file.rof > file.pps
% presentps -l < file.pps >
% ps2pdf
% acroread file.pdf

For the slides:

% groff -P-l -mm -mpresent file.rof >

Requirements, demonstrations and downloads are available on the author's website (diertens/gpresent). gpresent is also available as a package on some Linux distributions and BSD flavors.